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I received a nice Thank You card from the Kindergarten teacher I have been volunteering with over the past couple months, which I posted below. School is now over, and I am awaiting for summer school to start, so I can volunteer with them. Summer school is only in the mornings, and only for one month of summer.

Sharla and Krista were supposed to be coming to visit me this week, which I was really looking forward to, guess they do not read my blog! The day that they were supposed to leave to drive down here, I received an email from Sharla saying that they got tickets to Hawaii instead and would not be coming.

I received my coursework in the mail for my Geography class, and have already started on it. I will be learning about Heartland and Hinterlands of Canada. I find correspondence work quite difficult, because there is no one to chat with about the course. I was assigned a tutor that can help with questions, but I find it quite helpful to have discussions about the course material. I feel discussions add to my further understanding about the subject and clarifies any small questions I had.

I got a bike over the weekend, a picture of a similar one below, though mine is light blue. It is called a DiamondBack and Century'06 is the model.

I road it home from the bike shop, about 5 miles. I was told by the salesperson that the frame on road bikes absorb a lot of the shock of the bumps in the road, however I found on my ride home that my arms were bouncing and itchy because of all the vibrations. I am not sure if it is something that I will just get used to?! or if I should exchange it for another bike with shocks in the front fork.

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