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Lately I have been reassesing things in my life, perhaps that is what holidays give you the time to do.

I’ve heard people are more successful when they write down their goals. So I think I am going to do just that:

My goals are:

  1. reduce my work stress
  2. be in a working environment where I can achieve my personal and professional goals, as well as thrive and enjoy
  3. meditate 3+ x a week, for at least 15 minutes each time
  4. do “my art” more. So this includes draw/paint/jewelry – at least once a week for a couple hours. Which David at WordCamp might have made me realize 😉 (for those non-techy, click on this link then click on my photo to see his artist rendering of me 🙂 )
  5. continue exercising 5 x weekly
  6. stop using all types of birth control before I am 30 (read below comments for further details)

…and they have been great. Like most people when holidays are coming to an end it makes me sad and want more holidays. Almost makes me want to be back where I was this time last year. This time last year I was unemployed (because I was living in the USA without a working Visa) and I was doing my own thing (which can get boring after a while).

The first few days we stayed with our wonderful neighbours in Mountain View, CA. So it really was like returning home, because we were staying right next door to our old house. Also we could not beat the company. Lloyd worked during the day and I just hung out. I stated a new book, caught up on sleep, surfed the net, went shopping and visited friends. The weather was beautiful and warm.

The second half of my holiday has been in San Francisco centered around WordCamp 2007. It has been great to see old friends on the techy community and be involved in the cool up and coming techy community.My hubby did a presentation at WordCamp and did a great job:

Taken by Donncha

Monday morning I return home with mixed feelings. My hubby does not follow for another week, so I will be on my own, and I have to return to the stress of work. But I do love my bed and am looking forward to being back in our house, and see my family and friends. If only I could get a working Visa in the USA perhaps we would be located here in the center of it all.