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I have been really waffling ever since my first baby was a year old on when to get pregnant again. I am not currently pregnant… but lately have wanted to be. I feel like I am hearing of more and more people expecting… I know of 5 people expecting between January and March in 2010. Ever new person just adds to my itch on wanting another. But I can’t decide when… start trying now or in 6 months from now?

I went through a tough postpartum stage with my first. Some close friends don’t even really know about it because I really didn’t want to talk to many people about it.

My son is at an age that is loves having other little ones around (he is a 1.5 years). He gets super excited to go to “school” (group daycare) in the mornings.

My hubby is dead against having a baby between September and December. So that leaves July and August… if we get pregnant now there is a chance we could have a July or August baby. Otherwise we’d have to wait to try until at least April, as he wants to avoid having a December baby.

Doing my research I’ve found that parents will advocate for whatever they have in their family… be it siblings close or further apart.

Positives for waiting until the spring to get pregnant for me are:

  • I just joined a new swim club, get up to speed quicker. Pregnant I wouldn’t be able to push myself.
  • Get allergy shots for 6 months before having next child.
  • Get through this flu season and able to get all my flu shots (I’m considered in high risk section because of my allergies and asthma make me more susceptible to illnesses).
  • Get my jewelry business up and running… not sure if I could do it pregnant or not… but my initial research tells me with the right things (proper ventilation, masks, gloves etc.) it should not be a problem.
  • Gives me a few more months for my hormones to level out, get over PPD,  before getting pregnant again.

Positives for getting pregnant now:

  • Cause I want to be pregnant, lol!
  • I think my son would really benefit from a playmate, he loves company so much.
  • Get it over and done with… we are in that stage now anyway. Up at night anyway, in bottle and diapers anyway.

Children will be either 2 years and 3 or 4 months apart… or 2 years and 9 months + years apart, will that 6 months make a difference?!

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I read the an article in the Globe & Mail this morning (click here for link to the article) , it was on the front page.

Daily dose of multivitamins cuts birth defects, study says

What I found interesting was that they recommend that ALL women of child bearing age taking vitamins as most pregnancies are unplanned, and the birth defects occur in the first trimester. I do not want to get pregnant now, but eventually (not for another couple years) I do and this would be a good per-cautionary measure. I find it shocking the rate it decreases birth defects by. I do however think this study pertains more to other parts of the world, but if it helps everyone why not, Canada still has 45.5 birth defects in 1000 births. Being a women who is already concerned about her fertility and birth defects (perhaps all women are), why not help out the odds?