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We had our 34 week appointment yesterday. I am a little relieved to report that my fundal height has grown since my last appointment, and it is now 32 cms. My midwife says she can feel baby’s size and he is growing, good news 🙂

I had someone comment to my husband that it did not sound like I was doing very well in my blog, and perhaps I would benefit from going off work now. My husband made the comment that maybe I write about the negative things too often and not the positive. I always try tell it like it is, but also but a positive spin on it at the end. I think for some men it all sounds awful and hard to deal with. People ask how I am feeling, and I say you know little tired etc… but I AM pregnant after all. All the symptoms I have experienced are completely normal and I have had a healthy pregnancy so far. I am very fortunate and have not yet experienced any of the pregnancy complications that some woman do. I am still growing a person inside me, so it does take more energy and I am experiencing some pregnancy symptoms that cannot be called pleasant, but are all manageable. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and feel like I am falling apart, but in the grand scheme of things I am fine. I have enjoyed the journey through pregnancy thus far, and even though some things I did not imagine to be like they are (e.g. the books didn’t tell me about THAT!), it does not necessarily mean they have been bad, au contraire, just different.

My mind is constantly blown away by the miracle of pregnancy. I still cannot fathom that I am making a person inside me and carrying him around, despite his constant reminders when he stretches his little legs into my ribs 😉 Baby could come now in the next 3 – 8 weeks (which is between 37 and 42 weeks pregnant). My midwife said the statistic for first pregnancies is to go 8 days after your 40 week due date. I was born a couple days after my due date, and my husband was born a day after his. We both weighed in the 7 lbs range.

I often get my husband to put his hands on my belly to feel baby move. Baby is most active after dinner and when I am going to bed at night, particularly when my husband reads to us before bed. Often my husband will say “wowwooo!” to some of baby’s movements, because they are so large or so strong. Space is getting tighter as baby grows, so I feel less wind up kicks of punches, mostly legs stretching or hiccups. Hiccups are so funny, because baby will start hiccuping and I feel a very rhythmic knocking, then a couple minutes into it he starts to move (my guess is he is annoyed that he is still hiccuping so much and is moving around out of irritation), very cute. I feel bad for baby sometimes because they can be quite persistent for a while. Typically they happen after I’ve had something to eat or drink (which I’ve read is common).

I have baby and pregnancy on my brain. I am looking forward to having some time at home before the baby so I can focus on them and also get some more rest and perhaps even relax 😉

I have this strange urge to clean house and get everything organized. I want to re-do closest spaces, go through boxes in the basement, and re-organize in general, so everything is “done” when baby arrives. This seems like it’s a nesting instinct, however from what I’ve read it says nesting is a sign that you are about to give birth and doesn’t normally happen until much later in pregnancy. So is what I am experiencing nesting, or could there be something wrong, or perhaps I am just odd that I am trying to prepare so far in advance?

My husband has finally felt baby move, first time about one week ago (around 20 weeks), then yesterday and today. It was kinda funny because yesterday I was on the couch, and asked him if he wanted to feel it. He put his fingers on my belly and baby kicked (or moved) big! He looked at me and said did you do that? He thought I might have exaggerated the movement (which I did not). He couldn’t believe that baby could kick so hard. He was like, “even if I didn’t have my fingers there I think I would have seen your stomach move!”. It is quite amazing that something so little can make such large movements. 

I am starting to feel bigger kicks from baby now. My husband still has not felt baby kick, most of the time I put his hand to my belly and baby just does the smaller kicks or movements. Sometimes I actually jump a little because I am kicked more strongly. I just put my hand on my belly and felt a kick and my hands moved a little, so I know they stronger movements exist, but few and far between currently. Now we just have to get the right timing for Daddy to feel it too. 🙂 I am very eager to share the feeling of baby moving with my husband.

In Victoria for clothes styles, when you find a cool shirt or outfit there is a big possibility there could be 2 other people in your office wearing the same thing. I feel Victoria does not have many of the major retail chains, and there are slim pickings sometimes. Personally I don’t like to have the same outfit as someone else. As I was thinking if pregnancy styles and clothes, the one good thing about it is unless you have many pregnant women in your office, you are likely to be the only one wearing your new pregnancy top 🙂

My husband and I both got a flu shot this morning. Yesterday I was supposed to get one with my work ‘flu clinic’, but last minute I started to look into the safety of flu shots in pregnancy again. I found that there is a different flu shot for pregnant woman in California. I thought I would call my regular Doctor’s office to ask if it was safe. I called and the receptionist mentioned there is another shot with pregnant woman, which the flu clinic at work did not carry. The ‘other’ flu shot is for pregnant woman and children from 6 to 36 months of age. It contains less of a couple preservatives than the regular flu shot. This morning I brought my husband in with me to my Doctor’s office to get the ‘pregnancy flu shot’, and discovered he could get a regular flu shot as well at no charge. Actually there was no charge for either of us, because we will be caring for an infant in flu season. The doctor that was giving us the shots also let us know that anyone caring or going to be around our infant regularly is also covered for a free flu shot (and in her opinion definitely should get one!). Something I did not know! My arm is soar where I got the shot (feels like I’ve been sucker punched), so far that is the only side effect I’ve felt. 

So now I am pretty sure that what I am feeling is baby moving. When I first felt baby kick like one and a half weeks ago, I kind of didn’t like it. It made me feel weird and kind of freaked me out a little. I think I started thinking about labour a lot, especially since we were interviewing Doulas at the time too. Then yesterday I didn’t feel baby move – or at least I did not notice if he/she did move. Today I am feeling baby move and swish about, taps and nudges and I feel sooo much better. I was pretty worried yesterday when I didn’t. Most websites that I have looked at say that during these early stages moving is not yet consistent so sometimes you will be able to feel it and sometimes you won’t. Still does not feel like much comfort when I expecting it. Not sure how many times I asked my husband yesterday if he thought everything was okay, he said he was sure it was every time. Today I am pretty happy to feel baby move and it gives me some reassurance he/she is okay. Feeling baby move, especially when I feel taps or nudges, which feels like it could be more a foot or an arm instead of  her/his body. It makes me wonder what position they are in. Is baby upside down all day long?

I cannot feel the movement from the outside yet, and Lloyd has not felt anything. It will probably be another few weeks before anyone can feel anything from the outside of my tummy I think. So no touching the belly yet folks! And even when baby does start moving it will be asking first and people I know well.

We chose and booked a Doula. I found the choice to be quite difficult, we had interviewed about 5 Doulas and everyone brought something unique with them.

I called BC MSP yesterday and spoke to their benefits line. The woman told me that epidurals and c-sections were covered under BC MSP (and kinda laughed at me for asking actually). I do not have extended medical/dental until May 1st, which is 3 weeks after baby’s due date. Makes me a little relieved, however things like an ambulance ride or a private, semi private hospital room is not covered by BC MSP. We will have to figure out if we want to buy extended medical for me just in case.

I will be 18 weeks or 4.5 months pregnant tomorrow (well estimated). This week I have found my pants to be getting a little uncomfortable. I went and bought a belly band and am just unbuttoning the top button and find it quite a bit more comfortable. I am also very grateful for Nadia/Ali and lending me their mat clothes 🙂 I have tried on a couple maternity clothes in the stores, but besides bras and undies I just can’t bring myself to buy any just yet. I am feeling that I have just now started to “show”. If you didn’t know me you’d just think I’ve eaten too many donuts (which is something my girlfriend Nadia described herself as when she was pregnant with her first son around 4-5 months). My cravings are not fierce, but I do tend to enjoy different types of foods more some weeks than others. This week it has been orange juice. I was really loving cottage cheese for a couple weeks, now don’t really want it. I am also really liking eggnog – which I confirmed with my midwife that if it is the store bought stuff it’s okay, but home made with raw eggs I am best to stay away from.When I was in living in Cali I experienced sort of a heart flutter or little palpitation. Almost like my heart would skip a beat then get going again. My doctor at the time did all sorts of test which were all negative, and said it was normal. She said it will probably just go away (which it did), but I will be able to notice it again when I get pregnant, and she is right! I asked my midwife about it and because there is more blood pumping through your body when you are pregnant, sometimes the little electric current just takes a millisecond to process it and it feels like I am missing a beat. It is nothing to worry about and is completely normal. For me it is exacerbated by caffeine, which I am not supposed to have too much of in pregnancy anyway (and when I was non-prego by alcohol too). Typically I stay away from caffeine entirely, however get some in chocolate or decaf coffee (when I very occasionally have my decaf eggnog latte ;-). I am noticing that little bit is effecting me now too 😦

I am surprised at how quickly things are changing in my body now. On Monday midwife asked if I had felt anything yet. I said no, and then a couple days later I started to notice! Not sure if it is because she has mentioned it that I am paying more attention, or what. Things are definitely starting to feel different, like I could actually have a human inside me now. My front (from pelvis to just below belly button), feels more dense now. It almost feels like I have a balloon of water in my pelvis, and there is a cork inside it. The cork moves inside moving the liquid, and very occasionally bobs against the walls of the balloon.


I do not know for sure if I am really feeling the baby move, or if it’s something else. But it does feel different than gas would feel, and is not followed by gas and is not close to when I ate or am hungry. Some websites have described it as a flutter – which makes me think that I am not feeling it. Because I don’t think I feel any fluttering. I feel a soft nudge, normally when sitting for some time, often just once. It is below my belly button and close to the front of my body. Sometimes I think I feel the ‘cork’ (baby) move around like a swishing but not really a flutter.


I guess I will just have to wait for more confirmation to see if it is what I am feeling or not. I was reading on one personal blog that I came across, that once a woman feels baby move their due date is estimated 147 days after – which would only bring me to 37.5 weeks. Which for two reasons I don’t want to happen 1) my midwife is off in March 2) sounds too early. I know I should have no reason to worry, not sure if this is a actual scientific based or more folklore, but more first babies tend to go past the 40 week ‘due date’.


We have been interviewing potential Doulas this week. I am finding it really hard to choose. Each woman brings something unique with her. I also need to take into account the support Lloyd wants, and ensure we choose someone that won’t step on his toes. For me it currently is between two of the Doulas. They are definitely both very different, one has quite a bit more experience, and the other is a new Doula. With the experienced Doula Lloyd is concerned that I won’t look to him for as much support, and he really wants to be very involved. With the new Doula I am concerned I will not feel confident enough and it will cause me more anxiety. Ah decisions!


We have an ultrasound scheduled for when I am just over 19 weeks pregnant. Currently I am 17 weeks. I have decided that I do not want to find out the sex of the baby.  I was almost convinced that I would be okay finding out the sex before  the birth. I think when couples I know who have babies, it is a nice surprise to tell people if it’s a boy or a girl. And I do not need/want any of the preparation for blues or pinks. My favourite colour is green, and I really like yellows too! And if we are going to have more children won’t it be nice to be able to use many of the same things again without them being gender coloured?