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We had another offer accepted on a house. This time our offer was competing with another, so we actually offered very slightly more than the asking price. Don’t ask us about the cost 😉 The house had been on the market an entire day, and there was more than one offer on the house! Realty is hot at the moment in Victoria and the ‘good’ ones go fast. There was a recent Times Colonist article about it, called ‘Real Estate Sales up 60 per cent’. We put a few subject to’s on the offer, and after a grueling week of work and thought, removed them all last Friday.

We now have a mortgage and debt, yippee! As funny as enjoying debt sounds we are looking forward to it. As some of you might know we have been looking since around Christmas time. Most weekends, and some evenings have been filled with viewings, we have probably seen about 40+ houses, and this house was our second house we made an offer on. I did enjoy the process, it was really interesting being able to see all those houses. But also I am glad we have found something and looking forward to no viewings. Move in day is the beginning of May.

We are not sure if we are currently able to stay in our current place until then, we are waiting to hear from the people we are subletting from if it is okay.

If you are a friend, you can see my private photos of our new house on my flickr site.

is stressful. We put in an offer on Sunday (Feb 18th) night, and it was accepted. We were a bit shell shocked but excited. We made the offer subject to building inspection and financing. It was a 1950s house, that had an addition put on in the early 90s. As part of my realtor’s regular due diligence, I went with her to Saanich Hall to do a Municiple Records check that the proper permits had been taken out on the house. This was one of the many things we had to do. We found out NONE had been taken out. Short story is we signed a release, and are not getting that house.

Onwards and upwards (as my Mom often says).

We continue to look. I have been tracking the assesment values of the houses that are selling since the fall, and they have been selling not more than about $20,000 of their current assessement value. There is currently not much below $400K. Even the condos are that expensive. When we were looking up the recent house we were going to buy we found out that it sold for just over $200K in 1995. Now it is on the market for MORE than double. Makes me a little sick to my stomach, but that is the realty market today.