I ran the See Jane Run half marathon this morning. A flat course, in my backyard (Alameda, California). I wanted a personal best for my time. Sounds easy.

I had run the course last year for my first half marathon. I remember how hard it was. I ran a 1:53. I assumed it was so hard because it was my first half marathon. It was also hot that day, not as hot as it felt today.

I ran a 1:47 on a injured foot, with huge hills for the Nike Women’s San Francisco half marathon. So I assumed of course I could achieve <1:45 no problem today on a flat. Just take out the hills and I will go faster right? wrong.

Well today it was hot. Really hot for me. LIke 25 and the race there was little to no shade, full sun.  I don’t like the heat, not to mention running in it. I feel like this was a huge factor.

I psyched myself up for the run, too much. I was nervous yesterday. I got out there, and was running with a friend for part of it. I ran fast to begin with, too fast I think. By the time I saw her she said this doesn’t feel like you (I often run my long runs with her). I guess she was right. I stopped more than couple times. Ug.

My right quad started to hurt early. I thought it would go away, I tried to run through it. No that didn’t work.  When 1:50 pacer past me I had completely given up. When I had to find a potty around mile 5 it was over in my head, I just wanted it to be done and out of that heat. All I kept thinking was it’s so flipping hot, I want shade. A 9 minute mile felt like a 7 minute one. Ug, what a slog. Maybe I’m not meant for this running business. Today was my 5th half marathon.

What I like about the See Jane Run Alameda race… that the terrain is flat, that it’s in a nice area, my kids and hubby can come and watch me. See’s chocolate is a part sponsor, you get some nice chocolate at the end. Last year it wasn’t so great, only a small piece of dark chocolate. This year it was sweet, truffles, which feels nice and needed at the end of the race. Also you get bubbly at the end, and a champagne glass. I didn’t wait in line for the champagne this year, but nice none the less.

What the race doesn’t have going for it; it doesn’t start until 8am, and by that time the heat is setting in. Always in June, why not start it so we could be done by the time the heat hits? Start at least at 7am! It was so hot a few women at the end said it felt like there wasn’t enough water stations. There was enough, the regular amount there are on a half marathon, but being hot it felt like we needed more. I drank so much water. I need to learn to run with a camal back I think. There is something about having water whenever you need it.

There is hardly no spectatorship to get you going, no loud music at ever corner. The shirts you get are made of a horrible thick fabric, the design an unbecoming v neck. Not my choice and I haven’t seen it look good on many women. And it’s mostly a women’s race.

Last year they gave me a 500 ml of water bottle at the end. I went back for more because I was hot and thirsty. Too volunteers snapped at me and said one per participant. I just ran 13.1 miles and all I get is 500ml of water for how much money I paid? This year I didn’t bother and brought my own.

I liked the medals both years. I think they are of nice quality. But this year the medal says “I ran for chocolate”. Degrades the reason most people run I feel. Last year’s, 2012, was nice.

Will I run See Jane again? Well let’s just say never say never 😉 But it’s not going to be on the top of my list. It wasn’t this year, but last minute I thought why not? I got sick and was unable to run Oakland Half Marathon in March, and I had trained for it. I’m very much looking forward to running the San Francisco Half Marathon with my friend on her birthday next week, it will be her first half marathon 🙂

I started Crossfit and strength training a couple months ago, seriously and consistently just recently about a month ago. It should make me faster. Maybe it has. But not today.

For running a bad race, I feel sore. I feel like I don’t deserve to feel sore. Ha.

I think most of it was due to heat. I know I can swim longer and faster in a cold pool. In Victoria, BC I preferred the coldest pools in Victoria. I feel I couldn’t swim efficiently in warmer pool. It was cool when I did the half marathon on October in San Francisco. So maybe I just like cooler weather, simple.

I think another thing is I set out a too ambitious goal. Maybe? I need to be more realistic and access things when I get on the course and see how I’m feeling and then just go for my personal best, and concentrate on negative splits. That sounds much more wise.

I’m disappointed. My goal time seems so much more elusive to me now.

My ultimate goal, which I think is so many runners goals, it to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I haven’t ever run a Marathon, I assumed it was good to start at a half first. Also I haven’t been able to dedicate the time required away from the family for long runs.
To Qualify for Boston I have to run a 3:40 marathon. Ah yea that’s fast. That’s a little less than a 8:30 minute mile to KEEP UP for 26 miles!

My husband doesn’t want me to do any marathons. He feels the pounding on the body is too much. So maybe my bucket list can’t include, ‘qualify for boston marathon’. I wonder if I could run 40 half marathons by the time I’m 40, that would mean 6 a year. Seems a bit ‘intense’ was my husbands comment. But ‘goals shouldn’t be easy’, said from my wise friend.

I want to be faster, stronger, leaner. Maybe someday, but not today.

AND THAT’S ALL OKAY. I learnt some valuable lessons I today. And mostly I like to run and workout because I enjoy it. Another part of life about the journey not the destination 🙂 I enjoy getting together with friends, feeling stronger. Trying to focus on that this right now.

Also seeing my children and husband at the end, I was reminded about the most important things in life 🙂