I know this blog can has many posts that seem negative and depressing. Honestly I do feel really low lately, but you probably already guessed that by my writing. Hopefully you don’t miss that in most posts I do mention that I never wish to be “unpregnant” and feel fortunate.

I am very aware there are people that have fertility issues or sick babies. There are also many women that suffer in pregnancy in silence because it is taboo to talk about not feeling well, as they are afraid that they will be judged. I feel it’s important to acknowledge everyone’s experiences and challenges, they are all different. It’s kinda of like talking about chronic back pain, when there are people who cannot even walk, but the person with the chronic pain still has challenges and experiences that need to be voiced and discussed, and solutions found.

I find that I get women emailing me most of the time thanking me for writing, and tell me their experiences were much the same.

I look forward to getting my “prize” at the end of all this… and prize it will be. I also know my hormones will make memories of these bad times fad, and I may want to have another in years to come. Ahh lovely lovely hormones, otherwise the human race wouldn’t continue to procreate!