Yes I still am pretty uncomfortable… pelvic/back/lower abdomen pain, rib pain, but oh well. Not really able to be in one position for long periods of time, sleep evades me.

But… BUT… I was recommended to a new athletic therapist who is also studying osteopathy. I had a wonderful (which is an understatement) therapist pre first pregnancy and throughout my pregnancy with my son and a very happy back. She was also an athletic therapist/osteopath. When my son was born she moved back home. I do have a history of back pain, but have been able to find relief in the past. I am hopeful that this therapist (recommended by my previous one) can get me back on track (pardon the pun). If not before the birth, after. I am a good student and do my homework (exercises) as I know how important it is to my healing. I am hopeful.