I think my expectations might have been a little skewed for this pregnancy. I knew it could be worse than the first one, but didn’t truly believe it would be. I thought maybe my first trimester nausea could be more intense but that is all I was expecting. Nobody writes about this stuff, it’s taboo or something. Someone may judge me and think I am a bad mother, or maybe I’m just telling you like it is.

First trimester morning sickness was definitely a lot worse. With my son I was able to function all day and it would hit in the early evening. It allowed me to go home and go straight to bed and miss little work. Often I’d miss dinner, I didn’t want anything but a smoothie then anyway. A lonely existence for a couple of months, for myself but also my hubby as I was sleeping all the time, but definitely felt more manageable than this time. This time I was nauseous all day every day it felt like. The worst time being just before lunch time and going to bed at night. I almost don’t remember all of it now. I remember a few midwife appointments and a doctors appointment where they kept offering me Diclectin. I gave in around Christmas time and filled the prescription and would take it only once, occasionally before bed on bad nights just to get some sleep, I couldn’t fall asleep otherwise. The fatigue was also way more intense. It felt like no matter how much I slept I couldn’t get enough sleep. Like a thirst that could not be quenched. All part of the package when you have a toddler running around I think.

I thought the second trimester was supposed to be the honeymoon period. You know, where you aren’t too big in the belly but you also aren’t too sick either. Yea right.

Just after the nausea passed in January I came down with a head cold. It passed within a week but I got the worst headache I’ve ever had that week. I thought it was because I was sick. The next week it came back, and then it just became more and more persistent. Every day I had a headache. And I’m not talking the oh my head hurts a little kind. I’m talking waking up with a persistent headache, that would progress into I think my head is actually going to combust, I may throw up and light and sounds bothers me kind… daily! Apparently they aren’t too uncommon in the second trimester, changing hormones could be a contributing factor, of course stress levels as well.

I was just getting through the headaches and allergy season in Victoria started to bloom. I’ve never had a year like this one that I can remember. Sneezing three to four times in a row is supposed to feel like an orgasm, okay how about eight? On really bad days I’d take a Diclectin, which has an antihistamine in it and helped but knocked me out. Diclectin is studied in pregnant women, unlike all the other drugs on the market.

Often what happens to me is my immune system is working so hard to battle my allergies I catch whatever it going around. And with a little germ factory coming home from “school” (that is what we call group day care) every day it wasn’t hard to get sick.

My husband goes away for work very infrequently. Perhaps a couple times a year. The day he left I wasn’t feeling that great, but thought it was just my allergies. The next day I was in a full blown cold. My son, who is almost two, has still been getting up at night occasionally. My husband has been a gem this pregnancy and has been getting up with him to give me a little more rest. Without hubby around I had to get up so I didn’t get better very quickly. Actually I just got worse. By the weekend the sinus infection had moved south to my weakest link, my lungs. I have asthma, which only bothers me when I have a chest cold or when I am having a severe allergic reaction. And bother me it did.

By the following Monday I was wheezing like crazy and coughing like mad. To top things off my son was sent home from school with a fever of 103, the next day the doctor assumed he had pneumonia, which we don’t think it was, and he’s on the mend now. Out of desperation I went to the doctor, as well as taking my son in. She wanted to wait a little longer to see if the infection would pass on it’s own before giving me antibiotics that would reach the baby, good idea. Then she asked what are you doing about your asthma… um nothing? Oh no, no she said you need to be taking your inhalers. I didn’t know they were safe so I was airing on the side of caution and not doing anything. She said inhalers are considered topical medication for your lungs, little gets absorbed into your system that actually reaches the baby, similar to have some eczema and treating it with cream, you are treating your lungs directly with medication. I wish I had done the research when I was first getting sick, I may have been able to prevent the hell I am going through now if I had been taking them when I first got sick. My doctor is a general practitioner, but she also delivers babies, and is a lactation consultant, so she does know her stuff. Because I am ultra paranoid and worried I called www.motherisk.org and without telling them what my doctor said, they confirmed exactly the same thing about the two inhalers I was using. I still worry about taking them though. I had about three sleepless nights and days where I could not sleep at all, even sitting up beside a steamer I could not stop coughing. My chest was tight and itchy, I wanted to tear at my skin to open my airways. Almost feels like trying to breath when there is a brick on your chest. I truly believe it is the worst feeling in the world not being able to breath. Coughing is getting slightly better and I’ve been able to catch a few Z’s. Today I have pulled a muscle or sprained a rib coughing, it hurts like a S.O.B. when I breath now, or move and lift come to think of it. I can’t wait for this part to be over, cause it just sucks to put it mildly.

Then there are all the regular pregnancy stuff, like sore muscles, incontinence, Raynaud’s, a normal harmless heart flip flip (palpitation), Braxton Hicks and yeast infections… yiK! that I won’t even go into details on. Apparently your second time around your body changes faster and turns out having that first baby did change your muscles more than you thought.

I have trouble dealing with life when I am on little sleep and with some sort of ailment. Everything seems like it is just that more of a big deal. Mix that in with a healthy dose of hormones and I’ve felt overwhelmed a lot in the past few weeks.

I am almost 24 weeks pregnant now, a little more than halfway. Through all these trials I have never wished to be “unpregnant”. And every time the baby kicks is a reward in itself. I have thought myself I little insane at times to be pregnant and wished I had maybe waited until my son was a little older to get pregnant again, or perhaps done a year of allergy shots so what I am experiencing currently wouldn’t be so bad. A lot of symptoms have been a reminder I need to slow down. It seems if you don’t slow down, mother nature makes sure you do.