We had our ultrasound, a couple Fridays ago now. I was 19 weeks and 1 day pregnant.

It was first thing in the morning, so I had to get up early and drink my “water” as I was supposed to be done an hour before my appointment at 8am. Luckily they took us in first. The technician we had must do them all the time, because she was really fast. I remember the ultrasound with my son I remember it felt slower and it seemed to take a lot longer. Perhaps because this time we went to the ultrasound ‘place’ and last time it was at the hospital, or we just got a more experienced technician this time, or this baby was easier to look at?! Last pregnancy my son had his head down in my pelvis, and she had a harder time getting measurements. We might have gone in shortly before 8am, but we were done by 8:20am.

The baby is in a different position than William was. Her head is on my right side, back across my upper uterus and feet on my left. William was head down at his 19 weeks ultrasound already. I was talking to a girlfriend and wondered if it might be because my muscles are more stretched out and there is a little more room?! I am definitely feeling bigger tummy wise this pregnancy already.

Of course they won’t tell you much, they want that information to come from your doctor. Our technician was quite nice. She did the measurements she needed on my full bladder then let me ’empty’ before continuing. She was even gentle and didn’t push too hard on my tummy until I was empty… which I was grateful for. She did mention the femur was 3cms long, which I know is one of the measurements they look at to ‘date’ your pregnancy.

The technician tried to see the gender for us, but couldn’t see it clearly. She kept going over the area and saying the baby keeps moving (yea I’d move too if someone kept pressing in on me!). Legs were not crossed but she was not sprawled out either. The technician said some people don’t realize just because we now tell people the gender, it doesn’t mean we can always be sure. Imagine how tiny that part is they are looking for if baby’s femur is only 3cm long! So no confirmation of what baby is… we wait and see.

The placenta is in a different place than with William… on my front wall. I wonder if this is why I haven’t felt baby as active as my son was… or maybe this little person isn’t going to be as active a person as my son is?!

I started feeling this baby move around 14.5 weeks. It took we about a week to confirm it was the baby moving. In the beginning it was a lot of swishes and full body movements I think… lots of somersaults. Now I don’t feel very many full movements and I rarely feel her move during the day, unless I’m quietly sitting after I’ve eaten a meal. I tend to feel kicks and movements on either the left or right.

I finally called my midwife office yesterday as it had been 10+ days since the ultrasound and I had not heard of the results. No news is normally good news, but I wanted to be sure. The report just indicated that everything was ‘normal’ and I am on target for my July 15th due date.

Did you catch I am using she/her this pregnancy? I figure I used he/him for my first, that I’d use she/her this pregnancy to balance it out. πŸ™‚

My hubby felt the baby more last night for the first time. Spooning with his hand on my belly we were still and he felt baby move a few times. I am excited because up until now I’ve been the only one to really experience this baby. The movement wasn’t as large as the first couple of time my son moved, and it will be a while until my son will be able to feel the baby I think, as being still and patient isn’t his forte! (as it’s not for most toddlers).