A friend of mine Emily who is also sensitive to gluten suggested the recipe book called Babycakes. I was really excited to get it. I did some testing with my naturopathic doctor in September that indicated I am very very sensitive to eggs, and very sensitive to gluten. I tried to trick myself for a while, but now that I’m off both I do feel better. I was devastated to find out that’s what I wasn’t supposed to be eating because more than anything I love baking!

I got the Babycakes recipe book a little while ago, but with a shift in priorities, tending to different people in my little family being unwell, I hadn’t gotten a chance to try some recipes.

I was craving carrot cake this past Tuesday. I caved and got a piece of carrot cake from Re-bar and ate about 1/3 of it. I duly paid for it later. I love carrot cake, I’m not one to brag about my baking, but most of the time when I make it from the epicurious recipe I found it turns out wonderfully (unless it’s in the middle of the summer, and the icing won’t set!).

I was very skeptical but found a recipe for carrot cake cupcakes in the Babycakes recipe book. I went to two local organic grocery stores to collect all the ingredients, which aren’t cheap by the way. I made the cupcakes this morning and honestly was shocked at how good they turned out to taste! They were moist and soft, and didn’t taste gritty at all! I would even go so far as saying they are as good or better than regular carrot cake!

I went and collected the final ingredients to make the vanilla frosting. In the book the baker Erin McKenna says she makes the vanilla frosting daily and actually sells frosting in shot glasses because people love it that much. My expectations were high. I followed the recipe to the letter… and it tastes like unsweetened gritty soy mush. It’s sooo gross! I am a little perplexed, but after looking online find that other people do agree with me. A shame because I do love love love frosting.

I have found some dairy free frosting that pink sugar cupcakery makes is wonderful. I have no idea what’s in it though… if anyone knows please please let me know, I would love to try to make it. I can’t eat their actual cupcakes because they are only dairy and egg free, they still have gluten in them. You can order gluten free from their bakery on special order, but it’s nothing like their regular cupcakes. They use rice flour in their gluten free mix, I can taste it. I find rice flour dry and gritty and try to avoid it in all of my baking. Too bad I need them to be gluten free because their cupcakes are to die for!

Well at least the cupcakes themselves were delicious and I would absolutely make them again. I just need to find a dairy free alternative for frosting!