I often have to think of things like, okay what year did we get married again… and I know we moved in our house in May, but what year was it? At the time I thought, of course I won’t forget the year it was, but as time passes I do. So I thought I would make a short list of the milestones in my life since I got out of high school, make it easier instead of having to count back every time I need to remember!

* Finished classes at Oak Bay High school end of January 1997
* Started at UVIC September 1997
* Started in Commerce September 1998
* Four month exchange to Rouen, France September 2000
* Finished classes at UVIC towards my Commerce Degree December 2001
* Moved to Calgary, AB February 2002
* Convocation Ceremony for UVIC Business May 2002
* Moved to Vancouver, BC December 2004
* Started dating my husband beginning of July 2005 (who I met shortly before Ali/Bernie’s wedding in July 2004)
* Moved to San Francisco, CA with fiancé in November 2005
* Moved to Mountain View, CA March 1, 2006
* Married May 7, 2006
* Moved back to Victoria, BC end of August 2006 (and in with my parents for 4 months, then into a rental house in Cadboro Bay for 4 months)
* Moved into our first house May 7, 2007
* Our first baby born April 7, 2008

…. wow a lot has happened in 10 years! A degree, husband, house, and baby! Not to mention career, but that is what my resume is for keeping track of 😉