I had to read my old blog post to remember how Lloyd and I first came to be engaged. It was quite a non-process. I had said in that Lloyd proposed to me in Cedar Hill Golf Course one night, and that is sort of true. Instead of asking me to marry him he said, “I want to marry you someday”… and throughout our time together over that next month it turned into will you marry me, me saying ‘yes’ but also said he has to propose “for real” one day. That day didn’t come. Lloyd found out he was going to move to San Francisco and I decided to come with him. We told our parents we were going, and choose to announce our engagement before moving. We arrived in San Francisco and bought a ring, I was so excited I wanted to wear it right away. The original plan was for him to take it back so he could “officially propose”. Why? Cause it is and was really important to me to be officially asked. Again that day never came. Our wedding came and went and I started to feel disappointed that I never got a proper proposal. Felt like I had missed out on one of life’s important moments.

The ring that we picked out was a little in haste. And it ended up being rather hard to wear because it was high and had prongs settings that caught on everything… and everyone! Lloyd and I talked about getting me a new engagement ring in the years to come. I was thinking maybe at our 5th or 10th anniversary.

At our secret anniversary this past Christmas 2008 we celebrate… December 19th, Lloyd took me out to dinner at Il Terrazzo eatery. We had been together 3.5 years at this point.  I thought for once I had outdone Lloyd in an anniversary gift. I had gotten him future tickets for wine tour up island. Every other year Lloyd has gotten me some sort of jewelry, and this year I was sure he hadn’t gotten me anything. I gave him my gift and he didn’t give me anything back, so I figured he didn’t get me anything. Which was good, he’d outdone himself too many years prior.

We were talking about another sensitive topic and I had tears in my eyes. (I was missing an old family friend and was reminiscing about my childhood). Lloyd got up and was coming to my side of the table. It was a crowded restaurant that night. I thought he was just coming over to comfort me. To my surprise he knelt down and pulled out of box, and said something along the lines of … “i’ll love you forever…partners always?!”…. I don’t remember specifically because he had already opened the box at that point and I was staring at the ring! I said yes again.

My mind was reeling. How and when did he do this without me knowing? He picked it out himself with no help from anyone, including me, so it was a real surprise. And even better it was beautiful! The diamond itself looked flawless, and it was low set in a half bezel, open on the top and bottom with a thick white gold band from Birks.