A colleague at work knows a lot about astrology. Lately I have become more interested in it and asked her to tell me what my planets were. She did both mine and Lloyds and I took her out for lunch for a bit of an explanation. Mostly I think she is bang on.

My sun sign is TAURUS, earth. My senses are important. I need comfort. Things tend to be black and white.

My number is a 5, which means I am okay with change.

My planets are:

MOON (emotions) – Pisces.  Pisces is a water sign. Means I feel my emotions. I live in questions. I question everything I feel.

MERCURY (how one communicates, how I talk) – Taurus. This means I communicate like a taurean. I plaud and am methodical in my communication. Things are black and white. I am patient in my communication. I have a line, once you cross it I explode (think of how a bull is in the ring, pacing back and forth, then it charges). A Taurys is an earth sign.

VENUS (how one loves, also sexuality for a woman) – Gemini. I think my love, meaning I love through my head instead of my heart. If you ask me why I love someone I will be able to describe it and tell you, instead of saying “just cause”.

MARS (ones energy, how one comes across to the world) – Taurus. I am even and methodical, practical. No nonsense. Very business like. Very solid and dependable. I come across as a dependable employee.

JUPITER (how one works, how you apply yourself to things) – Leo. I am theatrical. Beauty if very important. I am giving and playful. I like to be one cut above the rest. I need to be better than everyone. Like a lion, I am very proud.

SATURN (how one fights, with others and myself) – Leo. I am regal and proud. Like a lion, I have to win. I am very expressive and dramatic. Passionate.

Lloyds sun sign is SAGITTARIUS. Sagittarius is also an earth sign. It is known as the clown of the zodiac.

Lloyds number is a 5, which means he is okay with change.

Lloyds planets:

MOON (emotions) – Gemini. His emotions are thought, he thinks his feelings. A way to connect with him  is by using words like “think, sense, logic”. He is good at talking and communicating. Emotions always hover around.

MERCURY (how one communicates, how he talks) – Sagittarius. They say what is true for them. Like to make people happy. Often blunt in communicating. Pure, no malintent, not mean spirited.

VENUS (how one loves) – Sagittarius. Not too dependable, tends to be a player in love. Commands attention. Tells the truth. A lot of talk but not necessarily follow through.

MARS (ones energy, how one comes across to the world, also sexuality for a man) – Leo. Warm giving, like the drama. Kind, good, flamboyant. Great father, picture a lion playing with his cubs. Pride shines out. Wants to know his mate sees him in the highest light. Don’t put a Leo down, especially in public.

JUPITER (how one works, how you apply yourself to things) – Cancer. Very giving. Motherly. Family important. Sees work mates as his family members.

SATURN (how one fights, with others and myself) – Virgo. Servitude. Very exact. Always correcting. Sense and sensibility. “No I didn’t say that I said this…”. “I didn’t mean that…”.

My son’s sun sign is Aries. It is a fire sign. Innocence, naive and will make blunders.