We had a maternity photo shoot session when I was 33.5 weeks pregnant. Originally I was really apprehensive about getting photos done while I was pregnant as I did not know I would want to commemorate my pregnancy not to mention how I looked while pregnant. My husband really wanted us to get them done. Originally I was worried that he would be grossed out by my pregnant body, not the case, he is one of those guys that thinks pregnant bodies are beautiful.

We looked into a number of photographers. We wanted to get someone that would do some artistic shots as well as sensual ones. I originally came across Fish Eye in my search and didn’t look at her whole portfolio of maternity photos and for some reason ruled her out. As we were seeking recommendations, we asked our midwife office and picked up two cards there, one being Fish Eye. I contacted both photographers, and had a better, more in depth look at their photos online. Fish Eye’s maternity portraits were a little more daring than some, she has some tasteful nudes, which we really liked. We also really liked that we got a high resolution CD of the session and did not have to buy each photo individually, making it more reasonably priced. The other photographer we were deciding between charged an additional $850 for her high resolution CD, whereas with Fish Eye included it with the session cost for around $300.

I contacted Fish Eye to book a session. Martine Thomson is the photographer of Fish Eye Photography, and she was just coming out of maternity leave, she had a beautiful son about 4 months ago. Originally she was only able to book me in on April 12th, which is my due date (well 12-13th-ish is my due date, I like the 12th better). I know most first babies are late but after we’d made the decision to get the photos done we really did not want to miss the opportunity if baby joined us a little earlier. A friend of mine suggested getting them done between 32 and 34 weeks pregnant. Martine was able to squeeze us into her schedule on February 26th, which was ideal for us. As most people have told me, my belly appears like I am smaller and maybe I should have waited a couple more weeks to have a bigger belly in the photos, but I don’t think so. For me I feel ‘big bellied’ already, every pregnant woman is different. We did not want to get the photos done when I was busting out pregnant or too near the end.

Since giving birth to her son Martine has given up her 4000 square foot studio and now works out of her home studio. Only 4 months after giving birth pretty amazing to already be back at work if you ask me! It is a nice cozy studio in her home.

I was definitely a little nervous about getting some of the near nude photos taken. My husband really wanted me to try it, so for him I thought I would make an effort. Having read her reviews online, that Martine really makes you feel comfortable with the session and your nakedness, which I also found she did very naturally. There were only two times when I felt like I was naked/exposed. Once when I had to take off my clothes, we took photos clothed first and then she asked if I wanted to do some robe shots. She asked me to strip down and apologized for not having a change room, we laughed because she was going to see it all anyway, and it’s not like she was watching me, it just made me aware that I was naked when I first took my clothes off. I had a robe draped over me at first and the rest happened very gradually and I did not feel exposed or nude the rest of the session at all. I hardly noticed it. The next time I felt nude was when we were done taking photos and it was time to dress, it kind of dawned on me that I was naked! Martine was very easy to speak to and made us both feel at ease. My husband only had his shirt off for some of the photos, whereas I was tastefully draped with fabrics or body parts in most of them. We are happy with the end product.