It finally hit me, I came down with a cold. My husband got one in December which I never really got. Then shortly after New Year’s he got another cold, which this time I was not able to fend off. This past weekend it started with chest congestion and coughing and today for the fun of it added in a runny nose.

You are not supposed to take anything for over the counter cold medications in pregnancy as they have not been proven to not effect your unborn baby, best to steer clear. Even taking Halls cough drops is controversial. Every website contradicts each other. My midwife suggested I could have the cough drops if they helped (pharmacist I spoke to told me to use them as little as possible if I could), as well as Vicks Vapour rub. She also suggested I could take up to 2000mg of Vitamin C a day, which of course some sites say is not the case. When not pregnant I try to take cold medications so I can just sleep through the cold. Currently I am finding it hard to rest with coughing and runny nose even though I am tired.

I was supposed to be on a two day course with work today and tomorrow. Really disappointed that I could not make it today and I am home instead.

If anyone has any advice for coping with a cold in pregnancy (especially how it is hard to breath with a chest cold), I would love to hear it. So far I have just heard the regular things like; use a humidifier, Vicks Vapour rub on your chest, lots of showers to make use of the steam to loosen things, gargle with salt water to fight throat infection, lots of fluids (including honey and lemon), chicken noodle soup, your regular vitamins and most importantly lots of rest.

It feels like it is never ending, and I only got sick a few days ago! Sorry that was my whine.