I used to do lap swimming 3 + days a week up until I hurt my back and was told to stop all exercise (which was August 06, since then I’ve started to exercise again but just haven’t added my lap swimming back in like it was). This fall I started deep water aerobics twice a week. I am also going to try to add in lap swimming once a week – as it is supposed to help get baby in a better position and will hopefully make me more comfortable too. Up until now I have been able to fit into my old swim suit, and just stretch the belly part a little. The suit is now uncomfortably taught around my belly so I need a new suit. You think that would be fairly easy to find a new suit to wear for swimming (not just lying or paddling in the pool)? At least I did. There are lots of woman who swim competitively or lap swim, and I am sure some of them even get pregnant, what did they do? There is at least a small need to create a pregnancy racing swim suit. Do you think I could find one with a racer back or higher front? Hmmm.. nope!

Swimco’s only maternity leave suit they had in was a full piece, with regular straps and low front. Anyone who moves a lot in the water with lap swimming knows the shoulders fall off more easily if it isn’t a racer back or at least slightly tappered straps at the back towards the middle, and suits lower in the front (chest area) create too much water drag. The only other option was to buy a regular bikini racer suit and just let my belly hang out. Not too sure I am comfortable enough for it. So I proceeded to Thyme Maternity where all of their suits are ‘lie on the beach’ swim suits. I bought one last week that was a two piece tank suit. I took it home and thought about it more and exchanged it today, because the front is just too low and I fear if I do try and do lap swimming in it the water drag on the chest area will just be too annoying. I exchanged it for something somewhat similar but it has a slightly higher front. The straps are meant to tie around my neck, I am going to try and sew them to the back of the suit in a “x” on the back to see if they can stay on a little better. Not ideal at all, but I guess I will also be going a lot slower, as I haven’t kept up with my lap swimming and I have extra weight on my front, so hopefully it won’t be an issue. But grrr I find it so annoying, what are the ladies who do lap swims regularly supposed to do when they get pregnant?