I am surprised at how quickly things are changing in my body now. On Monday midwife asked if I had felt anything yet. I said no, and then a couple days later I started to notice! Not sure if it is because she has mentioned it that I am paying more attention, or what. Things are definitely starting to feel different, like I could actually have a human inside me now. My front (from pelvis to just below belly button), feels more dense now. It almost feels like I have a balloon of water in my pelvis, and there is a cork inside it. The cork moves inside moving the liquid, and very occasionally bobs against the walls of the balloon.


I do not know for sure if I am really feeling the baby move, or if it’s something else. But it does feel different than gas would feel, and is not followed by gas and is not close to when I ate or am hungry. Some websites have described it as a flutter – which makes me think that I am not feeling it. Because I don’t think I feel any fluttering. I feel a soft nudge, normally when sitting for some time, often just once. It is below my belly button and close to the front of my body. Sometimes I think I feel the ‘cork’ (baby) move around like a swishing but not really a flutter.


I guess I will just have to wait for more confirmation to see if it is what I am feeling or not. I was reading on one personal blog that I came across, that once a woman feels baby move their due date is estimated 147 days after – which would only bring me to 37.5 weeks. Which for two reasons I don’t want to happen 1) my midwife is off in March 2) sounds too early. I know I should have no reason to worry, not sure if this is a actual scientific based or more folklore, but more first babies tend to go past the 40 week ‘due date’.


We have been interviewing potential Doulas this week. I am finding it really hard to choose. Each woman brings something unique with her. I also need to take into account the support Lloyd wants, and ensure we choose someone that won’t step on his toes. For me it currently is between two of the Doulas. They are definitely both very different, one has quite a bit more experience, and the other is a new Doula. With the experienced Doula Lloyd is concerned that I won’t look to him for as much support, and he really wants to be very involved. With the new Doula I am concerned I will not feel confident enough and it will cause me more anxiety. Ah decisions!


We have an ultrasound scheduled for when I am just over 19 weeks pregnant. Currently I am 17 weeks. I have decided that I do not want to find out the sex of the baby.  I was almost convinced that I would be okay finding out the sex before  the birth. I think when couples I know who have babies, it is a nice surprise to tell people if it’s a boy or a girl. And I do not need/want any of the preparation for blues or pinks. My favourite colour is green, and I really like yellows too! And if we are going to have more children won’t it be nice to be able to use many of the same things again without them being gender coloured?