… feels like it is never-ending!

I have caught quite a lot of colds this year so far. Just after new years I came down with a sinus infection, that Lloyd had had 2 weeks earlier, and my Mom had over Christmas, I did not escape. While I was interviewing for my current job I actually had to reschedule the interview because I was sick. When I started working I was had pretty much recovered from my sinus infection.

About 3 weeks ago, I caught the dreaded flu. Oh it was nasty. Body aches and pains, fever for 3 days, in bed for 5. I was off work for 3 days. I went to work last week with a dry nasty cough, but by the end of the week was feeling a lot better.

My husband seemed to escape my fate. He had a flu shot, I had a cold at the time so could not get one. He got sick, but never got the fever and was only out for a day or two with a runny nose.

I started feeling crummy again at the beginning of this week. Chest congestion again, headaches, fever. I went to the Doctor yesterday and he said I have Bronchitis. yik! He said it is not uncommon to be recovering from a virus like the flu, then catch a bacterial infection because your body has been weakened. So back in bed I go. It has been another 2 days off work, and not sure if I am going to make it in tomorrow. I only get 6 sick day a year at 100%, the rest are at 75% pay,if I am off tomorrow I will have used them all up 😦
I have also had a couple of colds when I was going to school in the fall. This has been my worst cold/flu season in many years… since my first year of University I think. Also has been my first time back in Victoria for an extended period of time. The only other thing I can attribute Victoria to is my bad allergies. I did hear somewhere once (perhaps in my allergy specialists office, that Victoria is the allergy capital of Canada, I wonder if that is true? sure feels like it for me).

After first year University I went on allergy shots. The shots are very small doses of what I am actually allergic to, slowly building up my immunity to the allergen. Because I have a wide variety of allergies, I get two separate shots. When I went on the shots I noticed that I was not getting as sick as often, or as severe. I am told the theory is when I am battling my allergies and a virus or a bacteria comes along, I cannot easily battle it because my immune system is already taxed by my allergies. When I am on shots, my tolerance to my allergies is higher, so when a virus or bacteria comes along I am not battling allergies, and more easily able to fight the virus/bacteria.

I have not had shots since I moved in Vancouver about 2 years ago, and things have been getting progressively worse. I was going to wait until I was covered by my medical plan in August to get more serum, but I think we might have to eat the cost (approx. $300), and just get them now. Because the shots are actually giving me the allergen, they have to be administered by a nurse and a doctor has to be on site. I then have to sit in the waiting room for 30 minutes to make sure I am not over reacting to the shot (not going into anaphylactic shock etc.). Until I get to my maintenance dose I am supposed to get my shots twice a week. Fun fun, but at the moment I think it beats the alternative.