is stressful. We put in an offer on Sunday (Feb 18th) night, and it was accepted. We were a bit shell shocked but excited. We made the offer subject to building inspection and financing. It was a 1950s house, that had an addition put on in the early 90s. As part of my realtor’s regular due diligence, I went with her to Saanich Hall to do a Municiple Records check that the proper permits had been taken out on the house. This was one of the many things we had to do. We found out NONE had been taken out. Short story is we signed a release, and are not getting that house.

Onwards and upwards (as my Mom often says).

We continue to look. I have been tracking the assesment values of the houses that are selling since the fall, and they have been selling not more than about $20,000 of their current assessement value. There is currently not much below $400K. Even the condos are that expensive. When we were looking up the recent house we were going to buy we found out that it sold for just over $200K in 1995. Now it is on the market for MORE than double. Makes me a little sick to my stomach, but that is the realty market today.