A little while ago I mentioned to everyone that I was starting to look for a job. I started perusing the job market at the end of November. Then final exams at UVic started, along with Christmas, which slowed the job hunt for a while. One of the first positions I applied to, I had a screening test for in mid December. I was then invited for an interview, with the Christmas break they delayed until last week. I got a call the day after my interview and I got the job. I start work January 22nd. It is a Human Resources Technician position. It is similar to what I was doing in my last job, but with more room for advancement. There will be about 5 people on the HR team. As I was being hired one of their senior HR people got offered a great opportunity that would advance her career, so they are currently looking to replace her position. I look forward to being part of the organization however have my fears about not having worked in a year. I sure I will be fine once I start, and am looking forward to working in Human Resources again.

P.S. I have not mentioned the company’s name in my post, as this is my personal blog, and I did not want to people searching for the company to come up with my blog.