Last week one of my professors did not print enough midterms, so she postponed the exam, I kid you not!

This is a University first year level course. On the weekend before the midterm, I was sick with a nasty cold, and instead of resting, I studied. I had a midterm on the Monday, and another one on Wednesday as well as a Field lab that week. I did not have time to be sick, so I was exhausted and sick and sneezing and studied.

Monday morning I go into the class in which I am supposed to have the midterm. The prof and her helpers (some T.A.’s = teacher assistance) were handing out the exams. The prof and the T.A.’s comes back to the front to get some more, but there are none. They ask how many students do not have an exam… I would say around 50 – 75 students put up their hands. She was flustered, says she had told the office the number of copies she needed but did not double check (why wouldn’t you double check? this is a class of nearly 300 students, even if you only wanted to count 50, you could probably figure out that an entire pile of 50 was missing!). She spoke amongst her T.A.’s and said they had no choice but to postpone the exam. To those students who had not fully studied this was happy news, to someone like myself this was not. I had been sick all weekend, and I have other midterms coming up and was looking forward to this week being over (midterms and all).

Initially she postponed it to the next class. So it was to be last Thursday, but when they figured out that they had no idea how many exams they got back (because they had no idea how many they handed out), she postponed it further to Monday (yesterday).

I wrote the postponed midterm yesterday morning, and it was difficult. Not very many people left early, and those who did only left about 5 minutes early. From speaking to a few students who did read through the last midterm, they said it was harder then the original one. The only thing they (the profs) offered was we had a choice to write the midterm. If we did not want to write it that would just mean that our final exam was worth 65% of our final grade (instead of 45%). And if we did choose to write it, but ended up doing better on the final exam they would not include the midterm mark.

Oh the joys of first year classes.

I am up to my eyeballs in school work, I finish one midterm and onto the next. No time for breathers. I used to have fun in University and ‘party’, how did I have time for all that? Maybe I am just older, more mature and more interested in doing well (as these grades are the grades that they look at to get into the program I am applying for, so I feel lots of pressure to do well).

I just recently found out my final exam schedule. I am taking 4 courses (but two of which have labs). I remember when I was doing my first degree in business, I just wanted my exams to be over as soon as possible so I would get more of a break. This year, I want all the time I can get so I can do the best I can. So Murphey’s law (if it’s not one they should make it one), I have all my exams within 5 days of each other, in the beginning of the exam period. Grr. I guess in this case I should adopt my other attitude of at least it will all be over with quickly. 😉