I had all this time when I was down in California, now back home it is completely the opposite, I find myself wishing for more hours in the day. Particularly to visit with friends and family friends (I am living with my family so I see them all the time;). I was so excited to be home to have my friends around, and now that I am here I am swamped with school work, all of a sudden it is two and a half weeks into the semester! (how did this happen?) So I wanted to apologize to all my friends for not calling as often as I should since I am back in town. I am taking 4 classes, but two of which have are sciences with 3 hour labs so I feel like I might as well be taking 6 courses. I am also trying to fit in volunteering in at Saanichton elementary school!

Also living at home, we do not have the chance to entertain as we do having our own place. We had quite a few dinner parties in Mountain View that we really enjoyed, I wanted to do that here, but it has to be timed with my schoolwork and with my parents leaving the house, which is more than tricky, to not likely. On top of this Lloyd just started his new job and is busy getting up to speed so as I am swamped with school work, as usual he is swamped with work. I look forward to the future where we have our own place and can invite people over to dinner and maybe have marginally more time to enjoy my precious friends I haved miss so.

The first week of classes was interesting. It was more like a fashion show! All these girls walking around in their short mini skirts. It has cooled down a bit with people starting to get to work in classes, though I often hear people in my classes giggling about a cool party, or visiting each other in the dorms. I feel dated and old. Though with my baby face most professors think I too am a first year. I found out today that I am the same age as my Lab instructor who is working on his PhD. *sigh*

I have completed my correspondence course I was doing in California. I wrote my final exam the weekend after the first week of classes. I just got back my final assignment mark, and will probably have to wait for another 4 weeks for my final exam mark. I just checked the website and found out that my final grade has been posted, I managed to pull off an “A”, but I was one percent away from an A+, grr, oh well.  The final was a little unfair, some questions not on anything the course focused on. Oh well it’s over, and it means that I can know focus on my classes at UVic.

We finally received our stuff from the movers about a week ago. They called us when we came into town, and as most of you might remember from a previous post that I anticipated trouble because of what the customs lady told us when we entered through Blaine in the wee hours of the morning. We were told we only had $750 each for all goods that we aquired into the USA. We got to customs in Victoria (accompanied by our movers with our list of belongings) and the customs officer tells us that we have completely the incorrect form. We are given a new one, on the new one it said something to the effect “all goods that we are bringing in we’ve used for 6 months time”, and “this does not include bridal gifts”. It also has our departure and entrance dates on it, previously she told us it would not matter unless we have been away a year. It really could not have been more ideal (considering the first situation!). We signed the form, and were out of the office within 10 minutes. As we left the office we looked at ourselves pleasantly surprised (esp. with all the bureaucracy I have personally gone through at the border, this was the best yet!).

They delivered our goods that same day. We got a little slap on the wrist because the truck was way to big to be fitting down our street, we should have had to pay another $300 for them to load and deliver our stuff on a smaller truck, not wanting to incur the extra expense we took a chance. The movers were again quite pleasant. Here is a photo of the fancy driving they had to do to unload:

So far we have found nothing extremely damaged, but we are not unpacking most of our stuff until we have our own place.