Last week was hectic between packing and getting last minute things done to leave the USA.

Our friends, were gracious hosts and let us stay the night on Friday night. Nicole made us a wonderful traditional Swiss dinner, and we had a lovely surprise visitor, Elina, join us for our last evening (for now;) in Silicon Valley.

Only after a lovely breakfast and Nicole’s packed lunch and snacks, we said our sad goodbyes and left at 9:30 AM on Saturday morning.

And we started driving….. Lloyd drove, I tried to sleep… and I drove and Lloyd slept. We stopped in Roseburg, Oregon and found a tacky little place with good food for dinner. We arrived at the border around 2am, and stayed about an hour (just for kicks ya know). Oh the joys of customs. Because we have not been out of Canada for a year, we are only allowed to bring back the same amount as someone who has been gone 48 hours. Good news, they did not search our car, not so wonderful news, we may have to go back to the border for the arrival of our stuff (that is with the moving company currently).

We drove on and arrived at the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal at 3:40 AM. We slept in line for the ferry, and on the ferry. Being so tired we quickly feel asleep in our uncomfortable upright seats. There was limited room to put down your seat due to the amount of belongings we crammed into our car.

We took the 7 AM ferry to Victoria.

We are now living at my parents house for the time being (4 months max). Looking forward to visiting with people and getting settled in Victoria.

I do already miss my friends in the bay area though. Especially when many of my close girlfriends are pregnant or already have a baby. I love children (as most of you know), but it is not the right time for Lloyd and I to start having kids, not for another couple years we think. But I do feel left out of the baby talk and hope it does not ostracize me from my friends who are becoming parents because we have not caught up with them yet. I look forward to being “Auntie Jules” and helping out a lot. πŸ™‚

I start classes at UVic September 6th, and have to finish my correspondence course as my final is scheduled for September 10th.

We will be getting cell phones in the next month I hope. But until such time you can use my parents phone number, but please do not call after 9 PM, as they go to sleep early πŸ™‚