NEVER go to “Giovanna’s Fine Jewelry” store in Mountain View, CA (address 355 Castro Street, Suite 1, Mountain View, CA 94041)

I have had SUCH a bad experience there and wanted to share their unprofessionalism with you and the world. So hopefully when you search “Giovanna’s” on the web it will come up with my post.

The story:

I have an engagement ring that I wanted to get it redesigned. Giovanna’s is right around the corner from where I live and I thought I would go get an estimate on how much it would be.

I went in Thursday and told them what I wanted, and she wrote it down and took the sketch I had made of the ring. She estimated between $425 and $495, to use the platinum that I had and the diamonds that I have. She said they would need the ring to measure the diamonds on the computer, unless I could measure them at home. I have taken many jewelry classes, but have not yet gotten an pair of calipers. So I asked when she could have it done for, she said Saturday no problem, and I would get a call before then to tell me when it was done.

No call, I went in at half an hour before closing on Saturday. It was not there AND no estimate had been done. I spoke to Giovanna herself, she photocopied my work order and wrote down my phone number. She promised she would call me in the morning to tell me about it. I made her aware that I was moving the short turn around time needed. She said that if I wanted it designed I would have it done by this Wednesday.

Again no phone call, and they were closed on Monday. I left a message on Monday saying I did not want them to do anything, I just wanted my ring back and would go in on Tuesday between 1 and 2pm to pick it up.

I came in on Tuesday, again NO ring. Not only that but it took the sales assistant about 15 minutes to figure that out. Giovanna saw me come in the shop, avoided me and stayed in the back while her sales assistant told me the ring was still not there. I was still pleasant (too pleasant according to a friend I was with) and said I did not have time for this as I am moving abroad on Friday and wanted my ring back. She said no problem, Giovanna will pick it up for you tonight and you can come get it tomorrow.

So as planned I have came back and again they did not have it. AGAIN! This time I said it was unacceptable. She said Giovanna was not there and would be back in an hour. She tried to call her and told me she kept getting her voicemail. I told her the situation, and said I would be back and an hour and told her my ring better be there.

Two hours later and the ring was finally there. No Giovanna in sight. Still looks like my ring, and I hope they have done nothing to it.

I was going to trust my valuable engagement ring to them to get re-designed and this is the kind of service I get for just an estimate? This is totally unacceptable to me. They have not done ANYTHING that they said they would, and I had to get “upset” (my version of upset is not most people’s, I was still pretty calm, just visibly annoyed) in order for her to really understand that I wanted my ring back and another day would not be okay. I am very nervous that I even trusted them to take it to do the estimate.

I will never go there again. I will recommend all my family, friends, and blogosphere to NOT be a patron and encourage your family and friends to do the same.