Lloyd hates goodbyes, when I mean hates, I mean he just does not do them or make a big deal about them. He does not worry about having last minute visits to say goodbye, he prefers to say “see you soon” or “see you later”. SO… for all those in Cali who we are leaving behind… do not be hurt or surprised if we were not able to see you one last time before we go.

I on the other hand like any excuse for a visit, and would like to get around to everyone before we leave, but with only 8 days left and all the packing still to do, I unfortunately do not feel that is realistic. If we do not see you before we go this does not mean we don’t love you, we do and we look forward to you visiting us and us visiting you! And if it is really important to you to see us before we go, then give us a call and we can arrange something before we go.

We heard yesterday that we have officially been replaced as tenants and neighbours. A young couple named Scott and Tracey are moving into our place once we leave. She is a teacher, (so is her new neighbour Nicole), and he is a Canadian!

Makes me sad that we are replaced and will be forgotten by our wonderful neighbours once they make friends with the new ones 😦

But I am happy that they seem to have found someone that will be good neighbours to the wonderful people we live next door to, they deserve it 😉

P.S. I really like this theme but find it hard to read sometimes. Style over readability? Anyones thots?