Yes we are moving again, can you believe it? Originally the idea was for me to go to Canada by myself to do some courses but we have decided instead to make it a permanent (for a couple years at least) move back.

It will be 6 months in our current place, and we wish we could move our house and neighbours back to Canada with us! Yup that’s right, we are on our way back “home” to Canada! I will have been in California 9 months when we leave. Since I graduated University in 2002 I will have moved 9 times! 9 times in 4 years is a lot of moving. And you know what? I do not even really like moving, but seems to be necessary in my life at the moment, so I do it. Every time I move, even if I think we are planning to stay in the place a couple years, I keep boxes for at least 6 months and guess what, every time I have made use of them again instead of discarding them!

Many people who have read my blog will know that being in the USA has been very challenging for me. Not being able to work, leaving my friends and family, not being able to do the program at University here I wanted, and having a husband working for a very demanding start up company have all been the challenges I have faced in the last 8 months. After trying many different things in California, and encountering so much bureaucracy and barriers, we have decided to move back to Canada.

Of course we will be sad to leave, we have made good friends, to name only a couple, we will be very sad to leave our wonderful friends Nicole and Ben (see post below), Cal and Elina, Jesse and Emily, and Rebecca and Japjit. Making friends takes time and I feel that we are just beginning to make those wonderful connections when we are leaving. Nonetheless my barriers are far greater than my opportunities, so we are moving back. The friends we have made will not be forgotten, and I look forward to keeping in touch and visiting them and welcoming them as visitors in Canada.

WHAT WILL LLOYD DO FOR WORK? Well the company Lloyd is working for currently, Flock, is not thrilled with our move, however they were going to try and humour us by trying to allow Lloyd to work remotely for them. With this transition Lloyd decided to contact a few exceptional people and has found himself another opportunity, however for less money.  I mention this because it is a concern of mine only, however on the brighter side at least we get to live in Canada.  Most of the new company’s team works remotely, and that is what he will be doing too, which will allow him to be in Canada. To help Flock with the transition he is not starting at the new company until the middle of September, and has not publicized who he will be working with as he wants to focus on a good transition with his current company Flock.

WHAT WILL WE DO & WHERE WILL WE LIVE IN CANADA YOU ASK? Well there are two parts to that question:

1) Short term: we will be moving to Victoria, and I will be going to school at the University of Victoria to do my pre-requisites for the post degree program in elementary education from Sept-Dec 2006. We will be living with my parents at first. My youngest brother Landon is moving to Calgary for a work term, so my Mom’s nest will not be empty with us moving in! My Dad also has some trips planned in this time period to promote some recent research he has done, including Ireland, New Zealand and Hawaii. So some of the time it will be just my Mom and us (+ all the cats). Our large belongings we are planning to put in storage in Victoria somewhere.

2) Long term: well not sure. January 2007 I will be looking for work in both Victoria and Vancouver in events coordination or human resources, depending on where I find work. Lloyd will be working remotely so Victoria or Vancouver location for him should not matter that much. For September 2007 I will be applying to both SFU and UVic for elementary education and depending on where I get into school, we may move (or not hopefully!) accordingly.

Approximately the end of August! in two weeks time the movers will come and pick up our stuff. Yup THAT soon! We have known for a while, but has been hush hush due to transitions with Lloyd’s work. We are paying for the move so I am trying to make it the most reasonable as possible, looks like the best is the same company that moved us down here from Vancouver. So I will be organizing the move, packing (have been warned by my physical therapist to seek help to ensure not to strain my back further), trying to complete my correspondence course, and having last minute visitors. My parents were just here visiting and left early this morning. So last chance to visit us before we go!