I went to the Physiatrist this afternoon. I am not sure what I was expecting, I think I was hoping for some more insight or a magical cure to what I have been experiencing over the past year. I did not get any of that. I got more of what I already know, basically “yup you have pain in your lower back”, of course he said it more graciously than that, and explained everything to us. He was a good doctor. He was not conclusive and was not convinced that it was all sacral joint inflammation. He thinks that there could be an inflamed disc too, as when he presses on my lower spin it hurts. He does not think that I have any nerve damage.

The short story is he thinks there is some inflammation in my lower back most likely caused by trauma of some sort. Somehow we have to decrease that inflammation. There are two possible treatments at this point:

Treatment option 1) a prescribed anti-inflammatory and perhaps some physical therapy.

Treatment option 2) injections to try and treat the inflammation, which has more risks than the first treatment option.

Side effects to treatment option 2) can in very low cases be death (he has never heard of it or experienced it himself, but has happened so they have to mention it) or bleeding, or increased pain. He said it is similar to an epidural women get in child birth but directed to the inflamed area. Treatment 2) also is not a definite solution, because on an MRI inflammation does not show up, they could possibly get the wrong area, whereas oral drugs treats all inflammation.

Side effects to treatment option 1) possible upset stomach with the pills (in that case he recommended taking them with food). Drugs could make me feel slightly tired.

Because I am not thrilled with needles, we have decided to go with the anti-inflammatory drugs and more physical therapy first. He also said that I was basically to stop my physical activity, and lift no weights above my hips. No physical activity…. boo! Not happy about that at all. He said he knows it is hard for people my age to not be active and be a slug for a little while, but it could help my recovery. None-the-less I will do what the good doctor tells me (for at least a week 😉 ) and if it helps and allows me not to have sharp objects poked into my body, it has gotta be worth it right?