We had a wonderful trip home to Canada at the beginning of July, but as always did not get to visit people or do half the things we wanted to. I guess there is just so much that you can do in only 5 days! Saturday through Monday, Lloyd and I, and my Mom went to stay and Grandma’s and Grandpa’s to prepare for the party. Grandma’s garden was in bloom and looking wonderful. Canada day we spent a leisurely time outside under a tree in the front yard.

The birthday party for Grandpa on Sunday, went well and we had a beautiful hot day to accompany it.

Summer is a busy time for birthdays. Almost ten of my close family and friends have birthday in July! May I say I very Happy Birthday to…

  • My new brother in law (he who not be named) who had a birthday sometime in the past year 😉
  • Ali White, a very dear friend turned 27 on July 8th. Picture of her and I below, she was a bridesmaid at my wedding:
  • Nadia Frost, another very dear friend who will be 30 years young July 18th. Picture of her and I below, she was also a bridesmaid at my wedding:
  • My youngest brother Landon, turns 22 on July 17th.
  • Still upcoming this month are my Dad’s, Grandmother’s, Aunt Sonya’s, Joe Lischeron’s, Kimber O’Brien’s birthdays to name a few!

And congratulations to Carrie and Chris Dye (picture below) who are expecting:

and Deon Reid who just gave birth to her son Eric yesterday!

The rest of the time we took care of some chores we have been meaning to do, and got a little visit in with Ali and Bernie. Lloyd worked on Thursday and Friday. The night before we left we met Chris Robb a nd Rebecca at The Superior in James Bay for dinner. They gave us a beautiful print by Barbara Weaver-Bosson for our wedding, thank you! I would say The Superior was an overall hit. The meals were tapas style and very tasty, it was a little on the pricey side, but ambiance was fun and had a guitar player for entertainment.

We flew out of Victoria on the way back to San Francisco, connecting in Vancouver. We had to go through customs in Vancouver. Instead of going out and around to get into US customs, they directed us another way in which we waited about 10 minutes to open (it was 6am). We ended up being the first in line. He looked at our passports, scanned Lloyd’s then mine… which he stopped. Then put a giant “I” on our customs declaration form and said there was a little something they had to clear up and I had to go through to the immigration office. So we went in and waited for about 20-25 minutes and they finally called ” julie”. No one else getting up I assumed it was me, so I got up and went through the doors. Lloyd came in with me and the customs officer looked at him and said “I only called Julie”, at which point I bite my tongue to correct him that my name was actually “Julia” (I dislike being called Julie by anyone other than certain friends of the family). He opened both our passports and said, “Are you guys like ‘living together'”. I said ah no, he is my HUSBAND! He then asked if I had ever been denied entry into the US, and why. I said I was visiting my fiance and was told I could not prove I was returning to my country of origin. He looked at me and said “and did you?”. Yes of course I answered, I returned for Christmas like I said I would. He kept me quite a few more minutes without saying anything, and asked how long I was waiting, I answered about half an hour, and he said oh that is pretty good (meanwhile it is 7:10, and our plane was to board at 7:00… they get nasty when you point this out, so again kept quiet. Our plane ended up being delayed due to weather in San Francisco, so fortunately we did not miss it.). Finally returned our passports and said I could go. Previously by another customs agent, I have been told that it actually appears on my passport as “removed from the United States” because customs is considered US grounds, and that it will remain on there for quite some time. Thankfully Lloyd and I have been able to travel together since me being “denied”, and besides this trip into the immigrations office have been fortunate. Seems it just depends who you get and if they are in a bad mood or not… which I think is ridiculous. It was ridiculous being denied in October, and continues to be so. I now have a TN Spousal visa…. must I go through these shenanigans every time I cross the boarder? and what would have happened if I didn’t have Lloyd and his passport with me?

I am trying to find motivation to start the second unit of my geography course, and with volunteering every morning am finidng it increasingly difficult… ug. (hence my procrastination on writing this post instead of doing homework).

First let me say if you are a male… perhaps you do not want to read this next bit if you are sqeamish at all about ‘women things’… About a month of two ago, I experienced what I felt to be a heart palpitation. We went to the doctor, and she said it was rather normal, and happens most often in women and they think it may have something to do with hormones. She did an EKG, red blood cell test and a tyroid test, all were found to be normal. Recently around my period it has gotten worse, and most recently have experienced a tightness in my chest. I know I can be known to overreact about these things, but was very worried there was something really wrong. I was concerned that the birth control pill may be causing these side effects and perhaps I am at risk for a blood clot. I have always had issues with the pill, and only ever been able to find one that works for about 6-8 months before it causes some major side effects. After some debate, Lloyd and I decided I would stop taking the pill for about 6 months and see if I feel any better. We went to the doctor this morning again to follow up. She said the chest tightness is most likely nothing to worry about and actually gave a name to it (which I cannot remember) and gave me some stretches to do. She again said the heart palpitations were nothing to worry about. She suggested staying away from stimulants, like coffee, tea, alcohol and chocolate for the time being, which I am now really trying to do. I asked about the risk of a blood clot due to the pill, the doctor said it is always a risk however she said in the years that she has been practising medicine she has only had 2 patients to get blood clots due to the pill, and one of them had been a smoker. I told her we were going to try going off the pill to see what effects that had, and she said it was probably a good idea (however when I asked her on a previous visit she said that I was on the pill for long enough that if it were to cause side effects it would have already happened!? hmm). I feel a little more at ease today, but don’t think I will really feel better until I am off the pill a nd these symptoms have completely subsided.

Volunteering for summer school is over July 25th. My parents are supposed to be coming to visit California the first week in August. I am still hoping to go visit my friend Zoa in Honolulu in August, we will see, depending on prices of flights and progress on my course!

I have registered to do my 4 remaining pre-requisites courses at UVic this September in order to apply for my post degree program in elementary education. I continue to miss Victoria and Vancouver, and even though I may be away from Lloyd (which I dread) and looking forward to being in Victoria for September. I applied to SFU for these pre-requisites as well, but they are still in the process of reviewing my application, where with UVic it was only the case of re-applying.

Again… feel free to leaves comments on my blog…. and I would love to hear about what is going on in your lives, do drop me an email if you ever have a chance.