Lloyd and I decided at long last, we would take a mini-honeymoon/ vacation that we never got after our wedding. Mostly due to Flock work demands (sigh, nothing new!)… who have recently released their public beta, free download at Flock.com.

Sunday morning, we left Mountain View around 1pm to arrive in South Lake Tahoe just before 5pm. The first night we stayed in The Black Bear Inn, Bed and Breakfast. Both places we stayed were recommended through the Lonely Planet's Guide to California. It was great. The hosts were superb. We arrived in time for the 5pm wine and cheese, where we chatted with a couple in their mid 50's from New Jersey (they were fun to chat with!) until we went to dinner at 7pm. The Inn recommended some restaurants in the area, and Lloyd choose Mirabella, French Cuisine (but American portions!). It was nice, but a little rich.

Monday morning we woke up for 9am for their breakfast, which was very tasty. We went back to bed after that, (hey we are on vacation!) and checked out my 11am. We went and walked around the shops and decided to take a gondola ride up Heavenly Mountain for a spectacular view from the midway. We then proceeded to drive on the very windy roads towards North Tahoe, where we would be spending our second night. Driving through the windy roads, we stopped at Emerald Bay (on recommendation from a few people) and went for a hike for about 1.5 hours return. It was hot hot hot, but very beautiful.

We then continued at stopped at Sun Shine Inn, for a late lunch, tasty tasty. We checked in at River Ranch Lodge, which was right next to the Hwy (a little noisy) but clean and had all the amenities, and half the price of the B&B! We relaxed and read some Harry Potter then went to find The Soule Domain for dinner (on recommendation from Mike from Flock – thanks they were all good!). It was located on the state line to Nevada, but on the California side. We were told it would be a half hour wait (and on a Monday night! now that is a popular place), and it was well worth it. We returned back to the lodge to find a bear having a late night snack from the garbage bins. It actually surprised me that when we checked in the front desk warned us of the bears, and gave us a leaflet on bears, but none of the garbage cans were "bear safe", silly if you ask me. We climbed the stairs to see that the bear had also been there, and toppled the garbage on the landing.

Tuesday morning we woke up late, checked out for 11am, and went for breakfast at Fire Sign Cafe (another one of Mike's recommendations), which was very tasty. We have not found a good breakfast place in Silicon Valley yet, so this was a nice treat. We were going to go for a hike, but decided not to when we saw the elevation for our chosen hike was to be straight up. On the way back from the trail head, we found Horseback riding and took an hour scenic tour on horses. The last time I went horseback riding was when I was 12! My horse's name was Willie, and Lloyd's was Maggie.

Willie liked to eat a lot, and tried every chance he saw some green grass. The guide got off her horse, and actually tied Willie's rain tighter so that he was not able to do that the rest of the ride. It was $25 for about an hour or $45 for 2 hour ride (per person), which is quite reasonable, as in Half Moon Bay it was $60 an hour, and it Whistler the same. If we go back to Tahoe, we will try to longer ride next time! We then drove home, and hit a little congestion in places on the way home, arriving home to a hot hot house, it is 35 Celsius today. So nice to get away, our first vacation together, especially to experience a new place! I would definitely recommend taking a visit to Lake Tahoe if you are in the area!

For all my Lake Tahoe photos, click here for my flickr set of Lake Tahoe.

P.S. While we were away the wasps took the chance to rebuild the nest we knocked down on our patio, + some mud wasps thought they had a good idea and started one too! They were small so Lloyd knocked them down… anyone have any ideas on how to deter them so we do not have to knock down a 4th nest?