We got married last Sunday, May 7, 2006, at my parents home in Victoria, BC.

The morning we were to marry, we woke up to pouring rain! I was so upset, and concerned that the day would not be as I dreamed with all the rain… especially since we had planned an outside ceremony. My bridesmaids, my Mom and I went to our hair appointment as planned, and by the time I had finished getting my hair done, by around 11:30 AM the skies were beginning to clear and the sun came out!

The day before the wedding and the morning of the wedding were stressful for me. I barely slept the night before we got married. On the day of, there were two things in particular I would recommend any bride doing, that helped me relax and ENJOY the day! They were….

  • Firstly go get your makeup done! We got our hair done, then just my Mom and I went to get our makeup done at Clinique and it was so relaxing! I got to sit and just relax, it was wonderful.
  • Another thing I would suggest, even though it is "non-traditional", I would suggest to have your bridal photos taken BEFORE your ceremony. We really enjoyed ourselves, and it was nice to relax and have some fun with the bridal party before our ceremony. Also it allows you to have less time between the ceremony and reception, which I think can be awkward sometimes leaving guests 2-3 hours until the reception begins.

Our photographer took between 400 and 500 photos of our wedding, and I found about 35 that I thought were good, which I posted on my Flickr account. I am hoping that our friends and family forward us their photos they took as well, so we can add them to our collection.

All in all, the wedding worked out wonderfully! It really was something that I dreamed of, so many people helped create our beautiful day. THANK YOU! We were married and had the reception at my parents place. My Mom ran the show, and did a superb job! It was a smaller wedding, with about 48 people in total but really really LOVED it and would not trade it for the world!