We are now back in Victoria BC, to be wed this weekend!  Sunday May 7th!  Wow the time has flown by.  There are still lots of little things to do before the wedding.  The countdown continues.  My parents have done a lovely job of getting their yard ready for our ceremony.  My Mom and I continue to run around getting things done for the wedding each day.  Lloyd is in Victoria as well, though not working on our wedding, working on Flock as usual.

After picture of my parents yard… taken Thursday May 4th….


You may see why I was concerned if this was the before photo…

Below is a photo of myself at my bridal shower…

Prior to coming back to Victoria to get married I had decided to go back to school to be a teacher!  I did a few courses in Jewelry Making at Revere Academy in January and February, which I enjoyed very much.  Two conclusions came from that… 1) I want a "job" that has a lot of interaction with others, being a jeweler would not be a profession that has that.  Much of the time a jeweler is working in their studio alone. 2) Becoming a jeweler in California would be next to impossible.  The time of the unpaid apprenticeship is gone, and in order to get experience now a days, you are hired into a jewelry shop as a junior and work your way up.  Since I cannot get a job without a SSN, and getting a VISA for such a position would be very difficult as the jewelry profession is not on the wanted list by the USA government for position you can get a VISA for.  I have always enjoyed children, my Mom is a middle school teacher, my Dad a professor at the University of Victoria, my Aunt a Vice Principal and my late Grandmother a high school English teacher, it seemed only natural that I would be drawn to the profession as well.

I have already gone through a long and extensive process in order to apply to San Francisco State University in California.  One of the tasks was to get my transcripts evaluated by an accredited agency, so SFSU could read them and understand what the equivalency of my degree and grade point was.  Because I was coming to Canada to wed, I left my Canadian transcripts with the agency (ERES) and they promised to courier to official documents directly to SFSU to meet the deadline.  After paying another $145, on top of the $300 evaluation fee… I received an email this morning from ERES indicating they "forgot" to do my GPA conversion!!!  I will never deal with such an unprofessional agency again.  Out of due deligence I called SFSU last week (prior to the deadline) to ensure that they received what they needed, having not heard back from them, I continue to leave several messages.  Now I have to find out if they will even accept my application because of the missing GPA piece that ERES agency nicely "forgot" to include!

I started looking into taking my teaching credential in Canada.  I looked into UBC today to find out that their deadline for September addimissions has been extended to May 26th!  I could still apply…. HOWEVER…. in B.C. is appears that you have to have your undergrad degree in Science or the Arts… whereas I have a Bachelor of Business.  I have left a message with a UBC advisor to confirm this of course.