After celebrating the Christmas season back home, we arrived back in San Francisco to ring in the new year! We went to the Laughing Squid pad and then moved onto the Geek Aerie for fireworks…

The first few days of 2006 I took a silversmithing class from Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts. Where I learned some more of the basics of silversmithing, and we also learnt a little about making jewelry in gold. It was a lot of fun and I feel I really added to my skills. There is another three day course coming up in a couple of weeks that I will attend also, which is a continuation of the one I just took. I have some of the smaller equipment at home, however if I want to start doing this more full time I will need to find a studio where I can work, so I can have access to things like a drill press, polishing machine, ultrasonic machine etc. I hope to soon have my website up at


I looked into doing some volunteering at Christmas time and came across a company called Artsfest, which is a non profit organization largely run by volunteers that showcases a cross section of the many outstanding artists and performers who call the Bay Area home in the month of May. I am going to start by organizing their volunteer program for them at about 10-20 hours per week and then see how things evolve and work, and it may grow to full time. Hopefully I will get started on that this week.

We arrived back in SF to full speed ahead on the social scene! This past weekend we’ve been to a few celebrations. Our friend, neighbour and collegue of Lloyd’s, Termie (aka Andy) is moving to Armsterdam on the 10th. We attended his going away bash, which was located just upstairs of us on Saturday night! Then on Sunday night went to celebrate birthdays’ with some other friend’s, Chris and Cal at Laszio bar. And this coming Friday we hope to celebrate birthday with another friend Matt.

Lloyd continues to be busy with work. We are contemplating moving South so the commute will not be so bad for him. He commutes about 5 days a week, and we have an event to attend in SF about 1-2 a week, so it makes a little more sense that we commute for events instead of for his work.

Wedding plans are still coming along nicely. We are just trying to finalize a caterer, as the one that I had wanted quoted us an astronomical cost. We hope to have our invitations out by the end of this month. And I finally found a dress! While we were visiting friend in Vancouver on our way to Victoria, I went back to one of the first places I went and tried on a dress I had tried on months earlier and it was still my favourite, so we got it! My Mom came over for the day and one of my bridesmaids’, Ali, was there to help me pick it out. My other bridesmaid, Nadia, was the one that saw it with me the first time. Unlike the USA you are not allowed to take photos of the dresses while trying them on at the places I went in Vancouver. Many boutiques (at least the ones in Van) actually get the dresses take out the desginer labels and put in their own. Sorry to say I cannot show everyone! But not to worry there will be plenty of photos after the weekend you can see! Below is a shot of my parents backyard, where the ceremony is to be… which we are promised will be ready in time…parentsbackyard