So yesterday I went wedding dress shopping by myself. I ventured to Jessica McClintock, which is downtown San Francisco, in Union Square. The sales staff were less than attentive. They actually permitted me to take photos of me in the dresses, but she seemed to have a hard time with the digital camera that I had, and the ones they took mostly turned out blurry. I have a couple peoples votes for the dress below.  I posted it on flickr to get my bridesmaids and Mom’s opinion (as well as others).  I am still considering the dress, but am not “sold” on it at all.

Flickr PhotoFlickr Photo

My original vision of my wedding was something a little less then formal.  I wanted a “nice” dress (whatever that means!) that flows, which is not too “fru-fru/Cinderella” like.  I wanted to have my groom in khaki colored dress pants and a white long sleeved dress shirt (no suit, jacket or tux). I was surfing flickr and came across a beautiful dress that I really like, a photo of it is below. But where does one get such a thing?  I actually sent a note to the groom, who the flickr site seems to belong to, and asked. Hey it never hurts to ask, he could not respond, but at least I tried!

Flickr Photo

I previously went wedding dress shopping with one of my bridesmaids in Vancouver and as I mentioned in my previous blog I found one that I really liked, but it is $700 and does not fit at all with the whole theme of “less than formal” that we are going for. Which now makes me think, did I make the wrong choice, am I missing out my not choosing a “fru-fru/Cinderella” dress as I call it?! My first instinct is to say no, I am not. A wedding is supposed to be about two people sharing the celebration of their union (isn’t it?) not about the dress and what you are wearing.  So why then do women get caught up in all this, and I am not saying I am not one of them… because I am! I now have spoken to all my girlfriends, and gotten everyone’s opinion and feel I might be making the wrong choice by going with a more casual dress, which some of them tell me.  I am so undecided at the moment, and easily swayed, which is making my decision making process difficult.  My groom is nicely reminding me of what our originals thoughts about the wedding were, as he definitely does not want it to turn into a Cinderalla like “production”, as I do not.  I think I would like to keep trying for my original idea…. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ fingers crossed that I can find a wonderful dress I love that fits in ๐Ÿ˜‰  My search continues.