I wanted to do a post about living in San Fran and about our upcoming wedding, but I feel that they overlap in my head so I might as will blog about them both at the same time for this post.

So far living in SF has been great. It’s been great to be able to be with Lloyd. Over the past weekend we attended “Super Happy Dev House 5” (shdh) which is basically a geek party where people in the techy biz get together and exchange ideas one evening. There is not a lot of drinking (I mean alcohol drinking), but instead there are energy drinks being passed around. The party was still going strong when we left at 3am.
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We has a brunch date the next morning with Emilia and her husband Jason. Emilia is a friend of one of my best friends’, Nadia. Nadia lives in Vancouver, Emilia in SF. It was nice to met someone new, and I might even have a pal to help me shop for wedding dresses! Any other SF volunteers? Foto of Emilia and Jason below:

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Before I left Vancouver Nadia and I went to a few wedding dress stores. It is funny what you think you like is not necessarily what looks good on you. I tried on several dresses, one was even $2500! I would like to keep the cost of my dress at a minimum but at the same time I want to find something that I really like and feel good in. The one that I really really liked was $720. This is so silly! You look for a dress that you wear once, but costs and arm and a leg! Practically it makes no sense! Does every woman go through this? then give up and decide to bite the bullet and spend what she needs to to get the dress she wants? So far my friends that have been brides, mostly that has been the case. Hehe, well I can hope that I will be different! We wanted to take photos in the store, but the shops strictly prohibited it at the request of the designers. I guess they don’t want someone taking a photo of one of their dresses then having it copied?! I cross my fingers that I can find something reasonable in SF that I love.

Our stuff arrived on the moving truck on Monday morning. I did a LOT of cleaning of our place on Friday. I could not believe the dust bunnies that were on the floor. There is still a lot of cleaning to be done. I have pretty severe allergies to dust and molds etc, so it’s pretty important that I get it all sorted out. I am still sneezing and my eyes are itchy, I hope after the next clean the house will settle and my allergies will stop reacting! This is a foto of our place after our stuff arrived, I think it looks a lot worse than it is:

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To be continued… for another day 😮