So I finally arrived in San Francisco last night! It is really nice to be here. The first evening I got here it was raining a little, but this morning it is pleasant and has been ever since (so far MUCH warmer and less rain than Vancouver! Our apartment does not even have heat (or really need it yet)).
Foto below is me a few hours after arriving in SF:

 Julia's first nite in San Fran

Many of you know that I tried to fly into San Francisco last Saturday but was denied entry into the USA at customs in the Vancouver airport. It was a large misunderstanding which included a customs official who was a power tripping mean and nasty man (a.k.a. jerk), and him thinking I was going to marry an American, which is totally incorrect. So after talking to Lloyd’s CFO, Betty, and Betty talking to the immigration lawyers for me, we sorted out what I should do in order to try again.
Foto of Betty below:

Flickr Photo

Yesterday I attempted to enter the USA again through the same boarder at the Vancouver airport. I had to go into the immigrations office again. I provided him all the paperwork they had asked for. He said that it still did not indicate that I had ties in Canada and that I intended to return. So after some back and forth and some tears on my part, he said that he believed me and was going to let me through the boarder this time. However, he was going to issue me an I-94, which means that I have to return to Canada and surrender the little card to USA immigration when I do, to indicate I am back in the country, otherwise I will not be allowed back into the USA for an extended period of time, and it would also jeopardize my future husband’s entry if I did so. So I have until December 17th to come back to Canada! We are not sure what we are going to do yet about me getting back to San Francisco in January, please don’t ask, as we do not know yet. I will be sure to tell you when I do. I am confident it will all work out, and I am not worried.

We have taken over an apartment next to Andy and Chris (two of Lloyd’s colleagues). It has very much been a communal apartment, so there is tons of stuff left behind that I need to get ride of before our stuff arrives on the moving truck early next week! It’s an apartment in an old house, just up from the ground level, with hardwood floors and high ceilings. It is quite nice, and will be lovely once we’ve had a chance to clean up and unpack.

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I do not have a phone yet, to keep in touch please use MSN, or Skype, and of course there is always email! Looking forward to chatting with everyone soon.