Dear friends & family,

We have some exciting news to share with all of you….
Lloyd and I are engaged to be married.
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Since we first met we have felt a real connection between us. I think for those who have seen us together you wouldagree. One evening Lloyd and I went for a walk around the Cedar Hill Golf course, the moon was not quite full, but almost, we were talking of many things, excited to see each other after spending some time apart as I had recently been on a trip to Northern BC. In the conversation we were chatting about our plans and Lloyd said…. “in a couple months I plan to propose to you…. Julia will you marry me?” and I responded, “I would like that”. Then over the next months a couple times a week Lloyd would ask me again, every time I would say yes. We were going to wait to make the announcement until we found the ring, and we have been looking, however we really wanted to take the opportunity to tell our parents inperson, and this past weekend was a good opportunity.

My Dad’s reaction was not that of shock or at all upset, it was (and I could see him thinking when I told him) “Wow, if my daughter is getting married I am getting old!” Here is a photo of my Dad with one of his favourite friends, Lucifer the evening that we told him we were engaged.
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Lloyd and I both enjoy more intimate events. The ceremonywill only be immediate family, and we are also planning to have small wedding receptions on other days. We are planning these smaller events in order to get the most of our time one on one with the important people in our lives, such as yourselves. At the receptions, you will all have the opportunity to watch the wedding video if you want. We are planning these events for approximately the first or second weekends in May, to be held in Victoria, BC. Once we have had a chance to get settled in SanFrancisco, we will be sure to send you an update on the details of our wedding planning.